Prophet Muhammad, believed by Muslims to be the final messenger of God, is the descendant of Ishmael through his son Kedar. Muslims believe that through Prophet Muhammad several Biblical prophecies were fulfilled such as the ones in Genesis 17:20 and 21:17-20. Since prophets came to all nations, we could find reference to Muhammad, the final messenger of God, in several scriptures of the world’s main religions.

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him) was born in Makkah in the 6th century CE. He called the people to worship the Creator, the One true God of all humanity. He united the rich with the poor, the light skinned and the dark skinned, and the Arabs with the non-Arabs. In a few years the Islamic nation became a superpower in all aspects. For a thousand years, Islamic civilization stretched from Spain in the west as far as China. Great Muslim scientists and thinkers carried the torch of civilization during the Dark Ages. Muslims believe that the repeated promise of God to Abraham and Hagar in the Bible to increase the numbers of Ishmael can be seen today with the numbers of Muslims reaching 1.5 billion and continuously increasing.